Country Fast (now called Wexford or Wex) has been home with me for almost 6 weeks now. It seems like so much longer than that! He has been through a lot of changes in that time, but he’s settling in well. Even though it’s been 6 weeks, it’s worth revisiting his first days in his new home.

I took this picture right after we loaded him in the trailer, still at the barns at Churchill Downs’ satellite farm. He loaded on the trailer perfectly, though he was not a fan of the shipping boots I made him wear. He traveled the 6ish hours home perfectly. His trainer informed me he eats a lot…. he wasn’t wrong! He ate a ton of hay on the way home and lots of peppermints, which is his favorite food, as it turns out.


He unloaded like a champ, too.


I’m guessing there are no chickens at a race track, but he didn’t seem to care about the chickens our barn owner has out back.


Shortly after he arrived, I had him gelded. I think he would have been a sweet stallion, but I board, and leaving him uncut is not conducive to boarding. Not only that, my kids will be around any animals we have, and we don’t need those extra hormones. Not to mention, we have no intention of breeding a failed racehorse, no matter how famous his daddy was. (Anybody remember Oxbow? He won the Preakness in 2013.)


Wex is totally recovered from his gelding now, and after enough treats, he is also talking to me again.

Stay tuned as I catch up with more updates on this guy’s progress.

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