I got to ride Wex this weekend. He’s learning to be a big kid! I would call this my first real ride, because I did more than just walk a couple of laps. This was probably the 5th time anyone has sat on him since he came off the track in September.


Wex is still very much trying to understand what leg aids and contact are, so I’m going very slowly with him. This is also where we get a lot of value from a trainer who works with young horses all the time. The fact that we got forward movement is a big improvement. The first time I sat on Wex, we worked on just going forward. Work on the lunge has helped tremendously, and he responds well to verbal cues.


My hubby (who has spent the last 17 years becoming horse husband extraordinaire!) was kind enough to pack up the kids and come lead me on a pony ride. I was able to walk and trot, and I’m happy to report that he has a comfy trot! Wex reminds me so much of BooBoo, in build and gait. He has a great temperament, but he has big shoes to fill. Time will tell how he lives up to his cousin’s legacy.


Like many thoroughbreds, he’s a bit one-sided, and does like to push his shoulder out. The only goal right now is forward, forward, forward. The rest will come.


Here’s a picture of us after our ride. I’m very happy with our progress so far. Here’s hoping he continues to learn at this pace. Check out my Instagram @adventures_in_thoroughbreds for video of our cool down walk.



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